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With 30 years in the event prop hire & installation hire we have props for all events.

Event Flowers

Add a splash of colour with our Flowers
1.2m flower Pots
Flower Pots

1.2m Tall These flowerpots with bright blue flowers are large enough to make an impression, yet small enough to be portable.

Red Tall Flowers
Red Tall Flowers

Tall flowers in a variety of colours add a dash of colour to an event.3m high on a freestanding base plate
3 flowers per bunch
Suitable for attaching to lamp posts. 

New Tall flowers
Camellia & Daisy's 

Bunches of 3 flowers with leaves. Add a splash of colour to your event. In a rustic wooden crate. Includes ballast. 

Yellow Tall flowers

3M tall beautiful Yellow Daffodils. 
freestanding in timber crate.
3 flowers per bunch
Suitable for attaching to lamp posts.

Flower Planter

Our giant planters are always popular for brightening up areas or acting as a natural divider. 7 Flowers. 2.4m wide. Ballast hidden in the planter.

Yellow inflatable flowers and grass
Giant Inflatable Flowers and Grass.

Whatever the weather, these huge inflatables add colour, spectacle and a touch of Summer. 5m High.

Timber event tree
Wooden Tree

This beautiful prop will add a touch of class standing over 4.5m high with a cylindrical base that hides the ballast. 

Nerine Flower heads
Nerine Lillie 

Nerines put on a wonderful display of lily-like flowers. With beautiful large heads.

Red Flower heads
Camellia flower heads

We have a large number of flower heads which are a perfect addition to any area that needs a splash of colour.

Lantern Flowers
Tulip lanterns

These silk-style light lanterns are make a nice addition to any venue or night parade. Power pack attached.  

White Flower heads
White Flower Heads

White flower heads which are a perfect addition to any location.

Event Flower dressing
Flower Dressing

Our Flowers, Butterflies & leaf dressing can transform any area or structure at your event. 

Giant Inflatable Flowers
Giant inflatable flowers

Our 5m giant inflatable flowers are available in Red, Yellow or white.

Yellow Flower heads
Yellow Flower heads

White flower heads which are a perfect way of brightening up any structure. 

Yellow Flower heads

We stock a large selection of faux greenery dressing. 

Yellow Flower heads
Metal Flowers

We design and make metal flowers for long term installations. 

Flower Walls

Can be personalised for your event.
Flower wall 1
Flower Wall

2.5m Flower Wall

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XL Flower wall

6m wide Flower Wall

Flower Wall 2
Large Flower Wall

5M wide flower wall

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